9 Stitch Method - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I picked up, “Life After You”, by Patrick McElravy’s band, 9 Stitch Method. Its a well put together, ten-track album, full of dark poetry and dim torment along the lines of early Staind or Norma Jean. If the two had offspring, it would be 9 Stitch Method. "Life After You" is put together well, I will say. I enjoyed it. The opening track has a riff of what sounds a lot like a beatdown hardcore band. I would consider this metal or metalcore, it does have elements of hard-rock entwined within it. The screams in it are almost a separated dissonant chords. With crazed laughs to talking, this track is a good statement for the rest of the album. You can tell that is Pat singing alongside himself while screaming. Although the first track gave you some heaviness, the intro of the second track is much heavier. There is almost a metalcore or djent feel to track-two, "Nothing Left". Plus the growls in it are especially filthy. There is kind of a dusk groan in the middle of the song. I admired, "A Night Spent with Idle Conversation". It had those ear-grinding dissonant chords in it. The album is certainly worth listening to if you dig that gritty sound of music. There is one riff on there, in the song, “7Fold”, that I personally cling to. As emotional as it is, I wish I could see it live right this second. Swinging on and on, the same riff never tasted so meaty. Other than, "7fold", I really dig another song by the nu-metal underdogs, 9 Stitch Method. You definitely have to check out 9 Stitch Method's, "Can't Believe", cover. Its an ill-lighted sense of art and manufactured somber chronicle that you definitely have to pick up! Buy 9 Stitch Method’s, release, “Life After You”, on Bandcamp.com, it's a good pick!