Cranely Gardens - Blackwood, New Jersey

Cranely Gardens is a group of talented individuals that make metal the way it should be. Hailing from Blackwood, New Jersey these urban giants unleash the hellfire of melodic destruction when they unravel their presence and art on stage. Now, this is not the first time I have listened to CG. I have known these guys for a couple years now. Chaz is a great guy; super professional and friendly. I get along well with him. Chaz is also a great vocalist. I appreciate his kind words about my company. This record is full of demolishing chugs, drilling double bass and devastating breakdowns. I was specifically blown away by the song on their latest release, “Savages”, featuring Dan Watson and Sims Cashion. This song is full of wicked tremolo, pummeling double bass and unordinary leads. Those leads were something out of the bog; I give Sims props on that. If I don’t compliment a guitarist that is far more talented than me, I feel cocky; but that’s just me. The double bass was exactly what I felt was coming when I listen to the song. Dan Watson is already an extraordinary vocalist and he just blows everyone away with everything he does. Moving on, Cranely Gardens is one band I like listening to on the regular. I am bringing them to the Steel City sometime next year, the date isn’t planned yet though. So just hold on to your pant’s suit. For anyone that doesn’t know Cranely Gardens, be sure to check them out on social media, as well as, on the web. I am publishing their username and web address below this article, as well as, some links to purchase, “House of Decay”, either digitally or physically.