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New Everytime I Die

Everytime I Die has been recognized by old-school hardcore lovers big and tall. With their go-to album, "Hot Damn!", Everytime I Die is an original underground favorite. Songs like "Ebolarama" and "I've Been Gone A Long Time", are natural hits flowing into the minds of the Everytime I Die fan.  Each time they are brought up in a, remember that? statement or conversation, those two songs are enticed. Everytime I Die has always been a favorite of older metal fans and hardcore lovers globally.

The band didn't start there though. Before "Hot Damn!" released, they had a previous release. I bet you have never even heard of it unless you're a true fan either. "The Burial Plot Bidding War", was released in 2000 and featured such hits such as, "Morphine Season" and "Home is Where You Hang Yourself", which is my personal favorite. Everytime I Die has been in recorded existence since 2000. 

Lots of bands change their line-up and sound, Everytime I Die has been such an entity. I know that's the thing with old-school hardcore and metal bands, their line-up change determines their sound or their sound changed so one wouldn't listen to them anymore. So the question is, is Everytime I Die still worth listening to? I would personally state something but I will deter from such a controversial statement. I would listen to, "Hot Damn!", for hours on end driving in the car or at home on social media. So ask yourself, is Everytime I Die worth listening to being that their line-up changes maybe not so often or their sound changes? Lots of bands have a change in sound. It only means that their looking to further their musical endeavors as a band, or perhaps the musician doesn't want to partake in such a change of events and moves on to another band. 

So many people ask, "is Everytime I Die still around"? I question the same thing when I get asked the question. They just played Rock on the Range and also released, "Low Teens", in 2016. The question remains a good question still. Is Everytime I Die still a band or not?  

The thing you might say is, new metal albums aren't for me. Or one would state, their sound changed. It is up to you to decide. I personally don't expect much from old-school hardcore bands. They're either out-dated or plain boring. But don't let that deter you from purchasing their new album. I don't want to distract you in your metal realm. Some of these albums are still good to listen to. You be the judge.