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Will I Get Hurt In The Mosh Pit?

Mosh pits are not the typical fun adventure for most people. Making their $30,000 a year, we as average Americans do not endorse violence most of the time, unless it may be a UFC fight we attend or watch. There are all types of mosh pits. Whether you get hurt or not is up to the crowd, more so or less, the moshee ie. the person moshing. It is not a choice to get hurt in the mosh pit. It is more of a chance. Your duty of hurting someone isn't obliged. 

We all have seen all forms of moshing. The typical guy who pushes people from the back into the front, the elbow-thrower, the spin kicker, etc.. And then we have the crowd-killer or the person who typically stands right in the middle of the wall of death at each festival or large indoor show. There are many forms of moshing, you can choose whether it is a combination of such an act of moshing may it be standing aside or even watch people get fucked up whether it is a live event you conceive or attend. 

Everyone is different though in reality. We all disguise our fear of violence in the mosh pit. Most of us love to get in mosh pits, for those of us who attend local metal, punk or hardcore shows. Many of us mosh but it is not our forte of getting hurt by a spin kick. Some of us crowd kill and do roundhouse kicks in the mosh pit and those two forms of moshing alone are our go-to. Then we have the guy that despises crowd killing or push moshing, that just drink at the bar; this is not what I'm here to blog about. Everyone is different in the pit. You rarely see a guy that does everything in the pit. Though that may be few of us; we still exist. Most moshee's are either push moshers or hardcore dancers.

It is not the intelligence of the pit that is our destiny. It is more of the fun. Mosh pits are fun, sure. And waking up with that bloody nose is not our choice in the pit; if you are not forewarned about hardcore dancing or crowd killing while attending live events, I surely hope you are intrigued of the subject. 

I've seen most people act on both, hardcore dancing and push moshing at a metal, punk or hardcore show. If you do not want to mosh, sit at the bar if there is one. Most cities have at least 5 large capacity venues from what I understand. Most venues have a bar or seats available to the attendee. No one said you have to mosh! It is your choice. Just be wary of the pit. We all hate that whiner that had gotten kicked right in the face at a beatdown show. There is a point in going, sure. But if you do not want to get hurt or hit by somebody, stand in the back. 

I am a guy who typically loves a show that endorses violence in the mosh pit. In other words, I do condone violent dancing or push moshing at most of the festivals or shows I attend, unless its an indie or small all ages show that doesn't advocate the entity of moshing whether it is hardcore dancing or push moshing. Most metal shows entail crowd killing. Also, most hardcore and beatdown shows entice violence. Being that a metal, punk or hardcore show is violent, depending on the promoter, venue, bands or crowd, there is a 100% chance you will, in fact, get hurt.