Immortalis - Brillion, Wyoming

There are so many bands out there, it's hard to deal with just one; from my perspective. Lot’s of bands are dying for exposure and recognition, though they may disband in a couple years; hopefully Immortalis doesn’t disband. I actually enjoy listening to their album. Immortalis hailing from Brillion, Wisconsin is a five piece heavy metal band capable of destroying the live stage while engulfing your ear drums with heavy metal. Not only do they have progressive influences, they also have melodic metalcore aspects of their music. I’ve been listening to, “Symmetry”, the fresh released EP by Immortalis. It was released in September 2017 and with its debut, put a lot of bands to shame musically. The band is all over the place. I didn’t hear any Emmure influenced panic chords, though I did hear a lot of proggy leads.  It would have been easier to listen to if I had the premium version of Spotify. Getting back to the EP. There is clean singing as well as mid screams in the mix. Proggy leads are the majority of the album, they are almost atmospheric. I heard lots of double bass and breakdowns galore. The album also entails lots of djenty breakdowns and low screams.  Along with two step. The featured song, “Harbor Haven”, entices an electronic guitar loop feel as the intro of the song, followed by a two step and mid screams. Then there is clean singing followed by a massive breakdown.  As I’m drinking my morning coffee, I’m still wondering, since I’ve been listening to this album, why they are not a bigger band. They have to compete in their local scene, but it’s just what I’m presuming. Lots of bands fail to promote and so many promotion company’s eat away their money.  And that's what I’m here to do, promote bands so that they may get exposure. Look, I don’t know how many of you actually read our reviews, but if you’re reading this, please share this webpage. Seriously, it would be appreciated.