Live Events: Are They for Me?

Live events aren't just for young kids and upcoming musicians. There are many faces at shows, whether it is the elderly, children, disabled or what have you. Many shows do entail lots of fun and that is what we all need on a weekend. For some, every weekend. 

I saw an old couple once at Ozzfest '06. The couple was lounging underneath a pine tree on the hillside of what is now, Key Bank Pavilion. I was sitting there right behind them, doing what I do best. An elderly chain-smoking couple with an anti-social attitude that barely talked was sitting in front of me. I could go on but I'm not going to. My point is that most elderly people are afraid of going to shows nowadays for reasons being that they might get hurt, the music is too loud or they have a scheduled bedtime at night. This is not true all the time. I've seen it all.

This Holiday, I want you to ask yourself, "what kind of concerts do I like attending?" It may be a small venue for local indie acts, or it may be a metal show, with a metalhead crowd, chain-smoking left-handed cigarettes outside around the corner in the van. Shows are for everyone of any form. 

An elderly lady asked me once, "doesn't the music hurt your ears?" I answered "no." The partying does. I will stop there on that subject. If it hurts your ears, there are ways to go about attending a live local or festival without a hurting eardrum. Earplugs. This is a tactic used by many band members in order to not get musician's ear. Every musician or regular concert-attendee knows what I'm talking about. You can buy them at your local Dollar Tree or Home Depot. They're anywhere from $5 to $15 a pack. Our Director Matthew uses them when he plays drums. It is necessary sometimes, maybe all of the time, for lots of folks to use earplugs. It's no cowardice act. Saftey first! Earplugs work! It's guaranteed. 

I know most children have been brought to a few live concerts and festivals if they are allowed and if the parents bring them. As I previously stated. Children need the joy and passion of music in their life. We wouldn't want them listening to Smash Mouth or Backstreet Boys all of their lives. I remember once my father said to me, "you know, this is all a phase. That's not real music." I never listened to "All Star" ever again. Show your children real music like "Saint Anger"- just kidding, that would be wise if that's your forte. But in all seriousness, I'm just kidding. Bring your children to shows with you. Look for an all-ages show in your area, or ask around.

We've seen many faces at shows. It doesn't entail fighting, it entails peace. The more diverse a crowd is, the easier it is to sit and relax. It's just the truth. Many people wouldn't attend a hardcore show being that the aftermath is that of the Titanic wreckage; not so sunny. I love hardcore and all but I wouldn't bring a kid to a hardcore show. It's just not safe. Choose wisely about the live event you're attending. If you're looking for one in Pittsburgh, I highly suggest the Black Forge Coffee House. It is a magical place! I've asked you if you think live shows are for you. You be the judge. It can't hurt to try! Until next time!