Local Booking
Booking in Pittsburgh, PA
Local Booking is meant for the band and music promotion. Our company strictly focuses on
driving in more fans for bands. The goal is to bring heavier live shows to Pittsburgh
If you want to book locally in Pittsburgh, please click the link below!

Music Promotion
100% Free
Music Promotion is strict to help your band with publicity and exposure
We push your music on our website weekly to help your band
Please give us at least 30 days in advance to promote your music
Our promotion is free of charge

Album Review
100% Free
Album Reviews push your record to our fanbase
Each review will be published every Thursday
Please give us at least 30 days in advance to review your album

Now Hiring!
Filthy Media is looking for administrators for our Facebook page, as well as 
booking agents to book small tours throughout the United States.
Must have a minimum of 1-year experience as a booking agent or promoter, 
valid photo ID or drivers license, be at least 21 years of age 
and reside within the city of Pittsburgh
Click the link below if interested!