The Emblem Faction - Des Moines, Iowa

Progressive metal has been around for a while now. Some call it prog for short, some call it blasphemy. Fallujah, Between the Buried and Me, Dream Theater and Opeth, are some of the top progressive metal bands of all time. When a prog fan hears a progressive metal band is coming to town, they almost cry. The Emblem Faction, hailing from Des Moines, Iowa, is a progressive metal band that makes me shit my pants. With their technicalities, their use of clean singing and dissonant chords, this band really tops most local prog bands I’ve heard thus far. I picked up, “TimeScapes”, the EP by The Emblem Faction for a couple bucks today. It’s a great EP full of djenty riffs, progressive leads and grooves. If you’re a fan of any progressive metal band, this is the band to hear. A featured track on, “TimeScapes”, “It Sucks that Hans Solo is Dead”, is a really killer song. Full of drilling double bass, uncanny leads and hefty djent riffs, this song is a must listen to. The mix is great, I wouldn’t care for it if it had demo-quality sound. The screams on the album are tight. It’s over all just a really killer album. Another great song off the EP is, “Stampede”. It features lots of proggy leads, low growls and dual dissonant chords. I recommend it. The album is a real steal for your money. So go ahead and pick it up, like them on facebook and show up to their shows in your city. You won’t be let down.

Emblem Faction - Sandy Beaches Guitar Playthrough