Aberration Within Arcadia - British Columbia, Canada

Most bands refrain from making it big, but not by choice. Some bands try and try, but cannot achieve the popularity or public approval by society and the mainstream media. One cannot fathom fame even if it were playing with The Black Dahlia Murder, Last Ten Seconds of Life or even Metallica. Aberration Within Arcadia isn’t such a band. While they lack the popularity and approval among the metalhead society, they still write and record mega tunage. Aberration Within Arcadia is an all around metal band, based on the belief of diversity of belief within paradise. Coming straight out the siphon of Salmon Arm, BC, Canada, the band possesses a greater value than most artists, being they are artists themselves, and not just musicians looking to gain fame and popularity within the spectrum of underground music. The band endorses a wide range of personal thought within the same place; paradise. Close minded people turn away. Alex hit me up to review, “DementiaMania”, which is a fantastic new release by the band. “DementiaMania” is a publication of greatness, all while recorded by Alex, himself. The featured album track, “The Black Snake”, is one of the great songs featured on their new album, which was released on January 3rd, 2018. Another featured song is, “Absolutism”, which features a range of pummeling blast beats, evil low growls, punishing beatdowns and blasphemous djenty riffage. “DementiaMania”, is a work of pure unique artwork that ultimately induces quite the genius in storytelling. If you’re into djent or deathcore, this is the band to listen to. I highly recommend this album. You can pick it up at Bandcamp digitally and add it to your online collection. That's it for now, stay posted for a new review next Thursday. Keepin it filthy from day one, Filthy Media.

Aberration Within Arcadia - Absolutism



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