Abolishing The Ignominious - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Coming straight outta Pittsburgh like a bat out of hell, Abolishing the Ignominious is a roundhouse kick to your face. Crushing double bass, ghostly dissonant chords, gut-wrenching gutturals and an attitude to smack you dead in the teeth like you’d never see coming. That is Abolishing the Ignominious; Pittsburgh, PA’s finest. Just released, “Vociferous Obsolescence", is making its way throughout the Pittsburgh Metal Scene like no other. With Eston Browne on vocals and J. Luciano on guitars, bass, drums and backing vocals, this heroic metal duo ignites the realm of death metal a flame. Eston Browne hit me up earlier last night to review “Vociferous Obsolescence”. Eston is a very nice individual with a pro-attitude for music and heavy metal. I couldn’t believe this band is from Pittsburgh- they crush it! Let’s get Obsolescence”, is a work of pure havoc, uncanny ruin and perfectly tunedto the mix. Not bad actually. It doesn’t sound too grimy or dirty and the guitars are perfectly tight. There is that crunchy sound on the mix, but what’s not to expect from a tech death record? Shayne Mayer of Cerebral Audio recorded this masterwork.“Vociferous Obsolescence” is truly a heavy fucking record. I can say I am a fan of this band, and you should be too. Not many death metal bands come from Pittsburgh, saying the least. If you want pure death metal or tech death, I highly suggest buying this EP. Pick it up on Bandcamp and like them on Facebook, the links are below. I hope you guys enjoy.

Abolishing the Ignominious - Born Into False Exaltation



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