Behead The Betrayer - Hanover, Pennsylvania

Bringing you the mosh and melting faces like no other. That is Behead the Betrayer. Born and raised in the Hanover region, this 5 piece group of individuals really lays down the tormenting realm of carnage on the stage. I spoke with Kyle Duble about working with our company. He seemed pleased to be featured on our website. Kyle is a one-of-a-kind guy. Anyway, back to the record. “Postmortem” is a release of abolition that induces thrill and eradication onto the listener. Their song, “Exposing the Filth” has those echoing dissonant chords and eerie leads. It's mainly the same riff chugging the whole time. Not to say it’s hated, but make of it what you will. I personally love the drums in “Exposing the Filth”. “Slum Wars” is another song that struck me as a dead man's treasure. I dig the way Behead wrote that; maybe you will too, coming from a musician's point of view. I can say at the very least, this is a well-written album. Not only is the sound quality above mediocre, but the guys are chill. You want to hear a band that entices the crowd to move or really has a good time out at night? Pay attention to these guys. Behead the Betrayer hailing from Hanover, Pennsylvania only bringing you the mosh and nothing but it.

Behead the Betrayer - Ego


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