Deathsinger - Virginia Beach, Virginia

“I am the devil, and I am here to do the devil’s work”, is the last line before the murder of the father in the great murderous Rob Zombie film, “The Devil’s Rejects”. Which is a great movie by the way. So I want to talk to you about a new release that has me going. “Cold Comfort”, the devastatingly heavy EP by the deathcore underdogs, Deathsinger. This album is short, but not too short. It’s about four tracks of heavy. You’d like it if you like blegh’s and chugging. I highly recommend purchasing it if you have the money. The intro is super gory and has that forgotten, dark feel. If you’re a fan of horror films or anything gory, its an intro to listen to for sure. “The Void”, track three off of, “Cold Comfort”, will have you banging your fucking head at Deathsinger’s shows or worse, bludgeoning pigeons and such; I know I’m talking reckless. “The Void”, has the dissonant chords and eerie feel you need along with high screams. There is a white-noise-ish fade out at the end of the song. Another good song off the EP is, “Slave”. It features a breakdown in the beginning, followed by a two-step. The guitar riffs in it are sexy and utterly destructive. It has a behind-the-beat type of feel to it; I dig it. Mixes ain't always pretty, this mix is decent, though. “Cold Comfort”, is worth purchasing, if you like the sound of it from this review. Give Deathsinger a like on facebook, show up to their shows, and buy, “Cold Comfort” on Bandcamp or at their website. You won’t be upset if you do.

Deathsinger - The Void (Feat Will Ramos)