Gamma Sector - Kentucky/Indiana

Deathcore is a sub-genre of metal that initially infuses death metal with hardcore. Typically, a death metal band that uses breakdowns or infuses beatdown elements is a deathcore band. That's not always the case. Most metalheads either like deathcore or despise it. Some believe there's a love-hate enigma surrounding deathcore and metals subgenres. If you're taking the time to read this right now, please continue. A legendary local deathcore band under the label Vicious Instinct Records is capturing ears and eyes from around the globe with their brutal and heavy sound unraveling the senses and leaving us deprived of our hearing. Gamma Sector hailing from Kentucky and Indiana just released their full-length, "Nex Omne". With Daniel Burris as the deathcore heavy-weights forerunner, Derek Dougherty on guitars and production, Gavyn Clark on bass guitar, Jarrod Foushee on guitar and to the fore Denis Tuohy on drums, the band really implodes with fragmentation. "Nex Omne", is an entity of fiery mayhem. Featuring lots of dual harmonics, otherworldly sweep picking infused guitar solos, and spacey ambiance, “Nex Omne”, should be purchased if you dig deathcore or metal and its subgenres. “Nex Omne”, also features drilling breakdowns, ear-splitting blast beats, haunting growls, ominous shrieks, and brutal slams. I spoke with Danny, the vocalist of Gamma Sector, he was more than happy when I asked him to review Gamma's new release. Danny is a great guy, I talk to him from time to time. I definitely recommend picking this album up if you’re into deathcore or even death metal. This album will destroy you. The album is now for sale on Bandcamp and at Vicious Instinct Records.

Gamma Sector - Thick Skin


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