Hunter Alive - Raritan, New Jersey

Post-hardcore and melodic hardcore have come along way in its journey. From stemming from Thrice to Comeback Kid in the early 2000’s, they both reached its fans by the number. Most of the folks these days either sold their merchandise or perhaps you are few that still listen to post-hardcore and melodic hardcore. Either way, it still is a living entity. Hunter Alive is a band hailing from Raritan, New Jersey. The band endorses living endearment which boils over empathy in ways you could find to be so true as an emphatic individual. The self-titled EP, “Hunter Alive”, is out now and on Bandcamp for your listening. “Fading” and “Distill”, are my two track choices regarding the self-titled release. “Distill”, features a heavy load of remorse and sorrow, while “Fading” is about the gradual loss of someone or something. “Fading” entices displacement and dissatisfaction in your mind or heart. I have to say, this album is very short but all around worth the $5. If you’re a fan of melodic hardcore or post-hardcore, this is the choice for you. I wouldn’t expect you to be reading our reviews without supporting local music or alternative music in general, so go out and get the album. You can buy it at the link below!

Hunter Alive - Fading