Invoker - North Carolina

Hailing from North Carolina, Invoker delivers only the grimiest mosh pit longing you will ever hear come out of North Carolina. Using only the sexiest riffs and beastly heaviness, Invoker purely is a dark entity quenching your thirst for filthiness and devastation. Invoker is a quintet obliterating force of maniacal lunatic’s ready to fuck shit up on the stage or on the floor. With Dustin Mitchell and Zared Hardin on vocals, David Gantt on guitar, Zak Tippet laying down the nasty bass, and Sean Britt on the double bass and crash, these five dude's truly are annihilating your need for peace. Their poisonous and lively live show’s are a reference to the chaos that leaves behind a wreckage of a ship the size of Las Vegas. While the dudes are cool and laid back, they never hesitate to repulse the venue. The fans of Invoker are chill and will always ultimately unite under the roof of metal and the underground. ‘Resist’ is a masterpiece of fantastic lunacy and morbid heaviness, utterly pumping up the listener to break that living room TV. Mixes that are high quality are better for the listening ears and appeal more to people. No one wants to listen to a demo for a couple years. Most venues don't even accept demos. This mix is far from dirty. I highly recommend buying this album. You won’t be disappointed.

Invoker - Pre-meditated


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