Lichkrieg - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Okay so many of us claim that we cannot speak German without subduing, “Sieg Heil”, the German term for, “Hail Victory”, like one German teacher did accidentally. Most of us think of Germans as Nazi’s, well if you advocate such genocide onto any sort of sect or race, you can off yourself. Lichkrieg not only is a provocative name for the band, being of German language, but they make great tunes too. Joe Vedro, the founding and only member of heavy metal power-house studio project, Lichkrieg, has been a long time musician, wishing well for the music scene of Tarentum, Pennsylvania, desires to compose music. He stated how Lichkrieg’s next album will feature more hard rock, jazz, and funk all while seeing how it portrays the listener when mixing with the death, thrash, and black metal, Lichkrieg engulfs itself in. Joe stated he would rather do something by himself, rather than fit something into a piece that doesn’t quite flow.

“Lichkreig”, starts as an intro on clean guitar; an eerie riff, then the drums come in. Soon after the drums come in, there is a rather abrupt lead guitar with distortion and bass guitar that comes in. The intro ends with a fade and loop into track two, “The Sound of War”. The screams are OK in this song. There is a guttural on this track along with a sick fucking riff. Now you know me; I’m a fan of chugging, power-chord riffs, and slams. But that's just me. Most albums aren’t for everyone, and I say that with an outside perspective. “The Sound of War” is a good song once the double bass and breakdown come in, it reminds me of some blackened death, then another blackened death riff comes in. There is a ringing out on all 6 strings at the end; mind you that’s my guess; go to fucking MetalSucks if you want a quality review. Anyway, getting back to the album. It's a full-on masterpiece of gritty, blackened death, thrash escapade that’ll just sweep you away; plus it’s a self-titled home studio recording mix, if that's your thing, old school death, be my guest and listen to it on Bandcamp or Reverbnation.

“Rise”; straight the fuck up old school death style mania. If you’re into that sort of thing, definitely put this track on repeat. There's a sick lead riff in it, along with grungy bass lines and one cool riff after another. It would make me mad if I talked shit about a band without listening to it. I’m on my second listen now. I thought you hoes should know it. Cool Viking feels are the greatest. No one can compare to them. Odin the God is probably watching over Joe as we speak. Not only is there a sick solo at the end of, “Rise”, but he even says the word, rise, in this song. Who knew? I wish it didn't end with quartered lead riffs and double bass. It is a good song though. I give Joe mad props- maybe even Odin does.

Well, that's it. If you like what you’ve read, definitely pick the album up on Bandcamp digitally or physically. It’ll be worth your while, especially if you dig that old school deathmetal style. Subscribe to our Events tab on our facebook page, like us on Facebook and don’t forget to like Lichkrieg either. Read our other reviews, bookmark us, just have a rad time. May Odin watch out for you!

Lichkreig - Ted (Official Video Stream)