Living Machines - Planet Earth

There is a wide variety of science-fiction and fictitious stories regarding the future and the human race. Stories range from living on Mars or worker-robots; it goes on. Living Machines is a band, with a vast grip of future-like stories all while hailing from Planet Earth. The trans-media band has just released, “I: After Onyx”. It is a science-fiction based media album based around a future earth colliding with an asteroid belt, sending the people into a pandemic. Living Machines bases their album around an upcoming comic book series all while delivering bruising breakdowns, harmonious leads and captivating screams. A song featured on the album entitled, “The Aluna War”, can grab you by the horns and show you just what the band is made of. The song has an illuminating breakdown, followed by clean singing and melodic lead harmonies. Also, there are leads amidst a breakdown to follow the clean singing. The song really grabs my attention. It is one of my favorites off of the album. “Living Machines”, the featured self-titled track off of the album is another great song. It entails some melody and atmospheric keys along clean singing and mid screams. Right before the next breakdown, there is a build up of anger followed by a damaging breakdown. The album is a great one over all; especially if you like metalcore or hardcore. If you dig the local underground, definitely buy this album. It is an album worth your attention. Like Living Machines on facebook, share their album with a friend and go show up at their live shows. There is a high chance you will be entertained!

Living Machines - To Rise From Ashes