Malformity - Atlanta, Georgia

Death metal has come a long way in its ventures from compositions either about the apocalypse or anti-religion notions; and everything in between. Bands like Deicide and Cannibal Corpse are some of the popular death metal bands in the underground stream. But not every band fits the genre, either deathcore or death metal, it's all metal. Malformity is a death metal band that lays down heaviness and destruction to the crowd and listener all while bringing the deadly. Malformity was formed in Atlanta, Georgia, and with a pro-attitude and sick composition, the band is one of my favorites. The band has just released, “Lectures on the Apocalypse”, and man it's a heavy record. EP’s like this always seem to be fun to listen to. The EP is full of blast beats and heavy riffs. Not to mention double bass and melodic guitar solos. There is one bass line in, “Once and the Future Plague”, that does me right. The composition of this EP is utter ruination and chaos. It's about, you guessed it- the apocalypse. If you want some old school death metal to listen to or go see, I highly suggest picking this EP up on Bandcamp at the link below. You might be disappointed if you don’t!

Malformity - With Horrific Affection