Mauled By A Bear - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

There are some bands out there worthy of making it. Some bands not so much. Mauled By A Bear is a metalcore band based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ready to tear up the venue. The band mixes multi-genres in lieu of being a metalcore/post-hardcore band, destroying the set as they go down the line. Mauled By A Bear doesn’t do bad. The band just released a self-titled EP, “Mauled By A Bear”. It is a three-track record capable of capturing the listener's ear. The ten-minute release is a post-hardcore, and metalcore mix featuring some hip-hop influenced vocals, a pop-punk sort-of feel guitar riffs and more.“Buried Alive” is the heaviest song on the EP. The song is about wanting someone’s attention, but never getting it and doing everything in your power to grab their attention, but failing. I would listen to it if I had the chance, which I actually am doing right now. I am a buddy of Dan Osuna, the drummer and clean vocalist of the band. Dan is a great guy that always been a fellow of mine. The band met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and continued their journey as a band to release their self-titled debut EP. Mauled By A Bear is a great group of guys and an all-around fun band to listen to and see live. I highly recommend checking them out if you’re into post-hardcore or metalcore. Pick up, Mauled By A Bear’s self-titled EP today or listen for free on Spotify. It’s an absolutely fun listen.

Mauled By A Bear - MBAB