Noose - Tampa, Florida

A band could be named after a famous tragedy’s location, or it could be named after a famous tragedy. The location of a band doesn’t matter to us. We find great bands and bring them right to you for your entertainment. Noose is a band named after an object on the subject of suicide. Not very pretty but that’s not the point. Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Noose, hailing from Tampa, Florida delivers a headbanging ensemble of obliterating torque that ultimately annihilates your presence. Their newest release, “Anguish”, is out 9/1/17. I will be the first to say, Noose writes heavy tunage. I noticed these guys have that extra slow chuggy riffage that entices stand-still at their showcase. If you are a fan of Bodysnatcher, I Am or False Images you will definitely be a fan of Noose. Anthony is an excellent vocalist. I spoke with Damian. He is a hella cool individual. Not only are the guys talented but they bring the mosh and are overall friendly dudes. This release is admirable. It is definitely worth the purchase. The link to pick up their full-length is below. Bringing you only the hottest in bands for your entertainment.