Saybrook - Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Some bands go far with their production. In my opinion, a band that takes the time, energy, puts in the finances, goes beyond the limit when choosing labels or graphic designers or even DIY studio's to work with, really gets the best of me. I really enjoyed, “Hopeless from the Start”, by Greensburg four-piece, pop-punk, all-stars, Saybrook. I must say, from the start of the album, I was really impressed. The production is quality. I don’t even listen to pop-punk all like that yet I enjoyed the album. “Another Night”, the second featured track on Saybrook’s album; I got into it. From crowd-enticing and catchy leads to hopeless lyrics, this song is just what your high school pop-punk kid needs to listen to. “Did you think you could run away from my thoughts, the last thing that you’ll never know”, sounds like to me they were enticing his love never knew he loved her, maybe so, a secret crush going on behind the scenes. Or perhaps, she can’t admit that he loves her.

Overall, this song is legit to listen to when you’re leaving prom; I enjoy it. Another song that’ll quench your melancholy mood of the late night thoughts of your high school sweetheart is, “Salt of the Earth”. With punchy leads intermixed with the loop of barre chords and the sound of failing your high school dreams, “ don’t let go”, the lyrics specifically means he ain’t leaving his true-love just yet, speaking by the following lyrics. I remember feeling like this at 21, and that’s just me. The end of the song fades out, so you could say, with “don’t let me go”. Again, this is really a good song. If you’re all about the late night pizza dates with your drunk buddies, telling tales of your broken heart over a sixer of Pabst Blue Ribbon, or maybe a 24 pack, definitely hit up their shows, buy their album and just keep on keeping on. The production of this album is quite above-par. I was expecting a solid 3/10 as far as production goes, and they blew me away -- productionwise. I dig it. One day your high school sweetheart will turn her ass around from those lovely Southside trips and chose you over some drunk. That’s all I got for Saybrook’s, “Hopeless from the Start”. Take ‘er easy!

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