Set Before Us - Stockholm, Sweden

From passion to harmony, music still remains the only entity to give us a sense of belonging and understanding. With our lives in a mess or a reason to be alive; music heals. Whether you listen to smooth jazz or death metal, music gives us a purpose. There are many bands out there that play strictly for the passion of music. Set Before Us is such a band. Based in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden, these passionate and friendly individuals lay down the emotion and heavy for your listening. Set Before Us just released their debut EP, “Enigmas”. This album is really an album to purchase especially if you’re a fan of metalcore. I have been listening to this album for a good two weeks now, Hampus and I scheduled the review a couple weeks ago. “Peripheral Vision”, is a masterpiece of raw emotion, ever the less a tough nut to crack cliffhanger. The EP is a work of ecstasy mystification. From dual harmonies to drum rolls, this album is purely an elation. The EP even has a solo featured on it; which I enjoy listening to. I spoke with Hampus about the review. Hampus is a very nice individual. If you’re into passionate metalcore, or even local music, I highly suggest picking up, “Enigmas” from Big Cartel. You won’t be disappointed. In the meantime, check out some of our other reviews of local albums by some of the most extraordinary bands. You’d be doing yourself a favor.

Set Before Us - Meadows


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