Symphony of Heaven - Owensville, Indiana

Not all Christian metal bands are the go-to listen for metalheads. It is an entity that shouldn't exist some would state. Other's would state that it is an actual subgenre. Christian metal is a form of metal. Some would state otherwise though. Symphony of Heaven is a Christian heavy metal band hailing from Owensville, Indiana which pulverize's the listener's ears when jamming out to their music. I spoke with Logan Thompson, the head behind Symphony of Heaven. He is the only member of the band and he writes everything himself. Logan is a friendly guy that loves music. His passion for music is immense and he spends time playing guitar and writing music. His inquiry for the review and promotion was put in last week, though I had to find time to review it. "Season of Death" was released November 24th, 2017 by Nosral Recordings. Michael Lawson runs Nosral. He's a friendly, professional and reliable guy who loves the bands he works with. "Season of Death" is a very well-written, captivating and monumental record. The eerie leads in "Meditation of my Heart" are compelling and ambient, while "Come and Rest" is a very glacial and melodically written song. Very captivating and well-written album. If you are into black metal, heavy metal or death metal, I recommend buying this release. You can buy it on Bandcamp. I am posting the links below. It is worth buying. I hope all of you behave this Christmas. Keep it metal.

Symphony of Heaven - In Angers Midst


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