The Anima Effect - Redding, California

The Anima Effect, based in Redding, California, is an elite progressive metal heavyweight band that brings total carnage on stage all while pounding your eardrums while listening to their music. “Upheaval”, is a monumental gem of a pure model, enticing the viewer with the elephantine omission. I loved what I heard when listening to, “Upheaval”, the first full-length release of the genre-bending group, The Anima Effect. The album is an utter ear-pleaser. “Erase”, starts off with a distorted riff, using a killswitch. It’s one of the better songs I like. Track seven, “Liberate”, is heavy, it starts with an audio track- which I’ve heard a lot recently, then there is a lone riff that leads into a pummeling sonic. There is a deathcore style riff in track seven, that pulls the scene altogether. At will, solo’s are maniacal. Anyone who can play one is a genius on the ax. The solo in track seven is a super duty sweep picking mayhem that ends all too soon in my opinion. Deathcore riff galore. With a steady build-up of bass drum and snare. The screams are tight in this song. “Liberate”, ends with an audio track. Spacey audio tracks always seem to entail progressive bands. “Upheaval”, track eight, is an instrumental song full of theatrical keys and drums. I give them credit for it. “Identity”, is a cream of the crop metalcore style song that starts off with synth and violin. A melodic riff comes in suddenly with some double bass and cymbals, then there is a scream. The song begins and then there is a melodic death riff thrown in there. After the melodic death riff, there is a breakdown and a second melodic death riff. The screams on the album are mostly mid’s, the riffs are either metalcore, deathcore or melodic death. There is ton's of synth in, "Upheaval". This album entails a lot of double bass and riffage. Well, I’m out. If you liked what you read, please read more of our reviews and pick up some of the band’s albums. You won’t be disappointed! I’m linking all of their music and URLs below. That’s #filthy.

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